Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New House

For those of you who don't know- we moved to Wheaton, IL in Sept. Mike is now working for MTJC Specialties, a remodeling/construction company. We have been renting a home here while finding a home to purchase. In January we found a home that needed some work, but it was a great deal. Only problem was it is really small. Big enough to live in, but to try to work in it while living in it would have been madness! There literally would have been nowhere to go while demo took place. So we bought it, stayed on at the rental while Mike did a marathon remodel of this tiny house. It has been 11 weeks of backbreaking work. Mike has been basically working two jobs and is very tired. But we are nearing the finish line. We move in March 31st. We had help from family and friends, but it was still a huge job for Mike. We are grateful for their help and God's help to get us to this point!

Josh's Birthday

Josh turned four March 4th! He decided on a Lightning McQueen birthday theme from the movie CARS. He loved every minute of it and repeatedly tells me that he is turning 5 very soon.

Our new blog

Ok, so after the fifth friend or family member has sent me blogs of their own to view...and multiple times too with new information, I realized that our old family website was just too hard to get around to changing. (Since I haven't changed ours since last summer!) Nice to be able to do my own thing, but just too time consuming. Who has time for that? So I too am jumping on the bandwagon with Blogger. Might as well let someone else do the hard work, and just add our pics and news so you can see it. Save me some work. So here begins our new spot to check up on our family and see how it is doing. Let's see how much better I can be with this one!?