Friday, September 14, 2007

Things we forgot to blog!

We forgot to blog this stuff... sorry. This post should have been between the summer and 1st day of school posts. Oh well! This is us camping at Yogi Bear Resort in Indiana with my parents. We had so much fun!

Josh scored his first soccer goal. This his Josh and his best friend, Noah after the big game.

McKayla lost her first two teeth. Don't have a picture of that one, sorry!

Lizzy took up deep sea diving...ok, more like shallow pool snorkling in our pool out back.

1st Day of school!

August 22nd, McKayla started school at Wheaton Christian Grammar. As many of you know, I home schooled McKayla last year. We prayed a lot about this decision to change to Christian school. We were open to whatever God had us do, but knew that to be able to send her to Christian school God would have to really help us out! Private schools here are expensive! We received a large scholarship...above and beyond what we ever imagined we could get. And God just kept opening the doors for this school, so we knew it was his will! We are so grateful for the chance to send her there.

And she loves it! Every day is a new adventure now. Her reading is improving daily and she is making a lot of new friends. She loves her teacher Mrs. Dominguez and her favorite class is Music. She even had her first big, all girl, no parents birthday party for one of the girls in her class!

Josh and Lizzy are adjusting to her not being home. Elizabeth has finally stopped asking if it is time to go get McKayla every other hour. They have become fast buddies and have made a daily habit of making forts together and chasing each other around the house.